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Why do I need to list my business on Google?​

Grumpy Owner losing customers to competitor

Grumpy Owner:
Welcome to [Random Business]🤔
Did you find what you’re looking for?

Happy Customer:
Is already going to your competition because they couldn’t find you on Google 😌

I get it…you’re on a budget, and time and money are major concerns in your business.

You’d rather avoid building and maintaining a web site right now.

And, you can certainly get by without a site for now 😉 

But 😯

Here’s the deal…

I really want to see you win 🤗


So, I’ll be generous and share the first step in automating these tasks 🚜


Using a tool named Google My Business 👀


Step 1:
Claim your Google listing

When you start to answer these questions, it becomes clear that having some kind of online presence is essential.

You’ve expressed that your budget is limited on time and money…check ✅

You’ve also expressed that you’re not ready to take on a web site right now…check ✅

What’s left?

Have you heard of Google My Business?

Google My Business is the answer to:

How do I list my business on Google?

What kinds of businesses would benefit from a Google My Business listing?

  • Restaurants, chefs and caterers can share their menus, photos and reviews of their popular dishes, and guest experiences 
  • Salons, barbers, and spas can make it easy to book appointments, share open hours, and offer special discounts
  • Craft and boutique stores can share their up-to-date inventory, special events and class schedules
  • Professional services (doctor, lawyer, patient care, accountant, consultant, funeral service providers) can answer frequently asked questions, and make it easy to schedule appointments
  • Real estate and home maintenance professionals (plumbing, HVAC, lawn care, cleaning, etc.) can offer clients an easy way to contact them through messaging and a dedicated business phone number using Google Voice

Why should I list my business on Google and use Google My Business?

With Google My Business, you can make it easier for customers to get answers to frequently asked questions, see your business in action, and get in touch with you when they need your help. 

And…it’s free 🤑
And…it’s available 24/7 😴

Yep, it’s a free tool that makes it easier for your customers to:

  • Find out more about your business
  • See photos and video of your business in motion
  • View your operating hours and get driving directions 
  • Get answers to questions and address concerns
  • Get in touch with you in real-time through messaging and Google Voice
  • Book appointments

Google My Business is your 24-7 concierge service 🧐


I can hear you thinking…

Another piece of technology I don’t have time to learn 🙄

Calm down 🤨

Take a deep breath 😶

Now, breathe out…slowly 😤

At the very least, claim your listing, get verified, and add your contact info so your customers can find you and get in touch.

This video shows you how to claim your listing:

The value in claiming your listing:

  • Automated system for free leads
  • When optimized, customers will find you when they search for a business like yours
  • Share what everybody loves about your business
  • Be available for your customers when they need you most

Step 2:
Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

But…you have to optimize your listing so that customers can find you when they search for businesses like yours.

The next video is a long watch for the DIYers who want to take the wheel and learn how to grow their business online:

Hopefully, this quick write up helps you take control of your Google My Business listing and answers any initial questions you have about using the tool.

And…don’t feel like you have to tackle this scary world of technology alone 😲

Step 3: Schedule a FREE Strategy Session Today!

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