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Do More, Outsource

Automate your marketing and lead generation processes

Do More, Outsource

Automate your marketing and lead generation processes

Are you a Real Estate Agent trying to figure out how to use social media to sell more properties?

Or, maybe you need a site to show your listings and capture leads.


Are you a Recruiter looking for ways to automate your recruiting processes?

Maybe you need your own site to show job listings and capture resumes from potential candidates.



As a Consultant, do you struggle to manage your client projects while also trying to find new clients?



Have you considered outsourcing your

Web content creation
Process automation
Lead generation

…to a trusted partner who knows your industry and business?

Benefits of outsourcing content creation

  • Save money – Hiring an in-house team for content creation is costly. By outsourcing, you don’t have to pay salaries, benefits or training costs.
  • Focus on the business – Hopefully, you’re in business to service your clients so you can make money. Outsourcing allows you to refocus on your business so you can provide an excellent client experience.
  • Produce consistent content – Time is limited and there never seems to be enough left over to consistently produce content. Outsourcing your content will help you get back some of that time while allowing you to get consistent, quality content.
  • Fresh ideas – A partner who knows your business and industry can help provide fresh ideas by challenging the ‘we’ve always done it like this’ ideology. An outside collaborator can bring a fresh or innovative approach to your business and the clients it serves.

Benefits of automating processes

  • Time savings – Automation reduces the number of hands-on, menial tasks an employee has to perform which frees up time to focus on items that add value to the business.
  • Quality and consistency – Automation ensures that each action in your process is performed the same way each time resulting in high quality, reliable results. An automated customer follow up process means they’ll consistently experience the same level of service from your business.
  • Improve efficiency, reduce costs and errors – Automating repetitive and (often) tedious tasks improves efficiency by reducing the time and effort it takes to complete each task. Because an employee doesn’t have to touch each task, the results are reductions in labor costs and human errors.

Why social media is important to your business


Organic content

Typically, when we hear social media, we tend to think of silly memes, viral cat videos, angry trolls and raging rants. As a business owner, none of these help bring in leads and generate sales. We should focus on creating content that our customers will find educational, informational and engaging. This gives us an opportunity to be a trusted resource for our customers when they need advice, an opinion or need to have a problem resolved. Consistently creating this type of content helps to remind your customers that your business exists, and is a good way to build brand awareness.


Paid ads

Paid ads with specific demographic targeting are a great way to build brand awareness and generate warm leads. Being able to target potential clients with an ad created specifically to solve a problem they’re dealing with will give you a great return on your investment (ROI).

Scenario 1 – Real Estate Agent

Imagine you have a listing for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with a large backyard, in a desirable school district, with excellent shopping amenities. You can create an ad that targets a family with 2 parents, with an income of $200k+, and 2 kids. Perhaps one parent has a business that can be run out of their home. In this case, the extra bedroom can be converted into an office space. This is just one example of the creative ways you can use paid ads to target a listing to a specific demographic.


Scenario 2 – Recruiter

Imagine you have a job opportunity for an entry level Desktop Support Tech. You can target recent college grads with an interest in Information Technology (IT). Or, you can target candidates who currently work in a Call Center environment who might be interested in a career in IT. With some creativity, you can research what groups these candidates are members of and their interests that correlate with technology.