Business & Marketing Resources for
Work From Phone Professionals

How Do You Know You’re A
Work From Phone Professional?

  • Do you interact with your clients mostly from your phone or computer?
  • Can you travel and still get work done for your clients?
  • Do you find yourself looking for a not so noisy space to take an important call?
  • Do you have to do the marketing, sales, accounting, hiring, firing…everything it takes to run your business?

Did I hear you say, “Yes, yes, yep and absolutely!!!”?

Then you’re a Work From Phone Professional.


Work From Phone Professionals are typically solo or small agency entrepreneurs who are responsible for running every aspect of the business: marketing, sales, accounting, etc. They run their business using modern technology (phone, computer, tablet) and can typically work wherever they can get access to power and an Internet connection.

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

As a Professional, working long, hard hours to give your clients the best value for their money, YOU have to do everything it takes to make your business go. Today, You might be wearing your accounting hat and sending out invoices. Tomorrow, You might be wearing your marketing hat trying to generate leads to get more clients.

Whatever hat you happen to be wearing at the moment, it’s almost certain that your time is being taken away from your main expertise in order to keep the business running. And, it’s great timing that technology has evolved to help automate or simplify many of the tasks that are required to run a business.

Accounting software helps to simplify the bookkeeping and invoicing processes, while Google Voice can be your answering service. Your website can be your lead generation tool, while a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help you keep up with contacts and reminders, track email messages and schedule calendar events.

Quick And Easy Wins For Your Business

Let’s look at a few ways you can retire some of the hats you’re wearing
and score some easy wins


Google My Business Listing

  • Make sure your business can be found on Google when a potential customer searches for you
  • Interact with customers, read and respond to reviews, post photos of your business
  • Get insights on how your customers searched for your business and where those customers are coming from

Keep In Touch And Ask For Referrals

  • Staying in touch with your customers increases the chances of doing repeat business
  • Give your customers incentives for continuing to do business with you by offering a referral program


  • Provide a more proactive customer service experience and save time answering recurring email questions
  • Get highly qualified leads and increase sales by providing a buyer’s journey experience that assures you have the perfect product/service to fit your customers’ needs

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